2v1 to goal

Improves tackling, passing and shooting skills

A defensive player kicks the football out to two offensive players. The defender follows the pass and tries to win the football back and clear it toward either of two goals placed wide. The offensive players try to score on goal.

Rotation: The player who shoots or loses the ball rotates to the defensive line. The other two players go to the offensive line.



“Settle the ball on the ground. Keep it in front of you” when receiving the kick from the defender.

“Dribble at the defender”–the offensive player who receives the ball should proceed to the defender.

“Pass the ball once the defender is committed”—if the defender is committed to stopping the dribble, the other offensive player should be open.

“The player without the ball should stay even with the ball or behind it”–don’t get behind the defender or in an off side position.


“Close the space quickly”– Shut down the player with the ball.

“Force the play to the outside”–away from the other attacker.


Play with a goalkeeper.

Allow only one pass for offensive players.

Allow another defender to enter play once the first pass is made.

Require a one-touch shot for a player who receives the ball in the penalty area