2v1Game Rules

Have substitute players ready to replace those who are playing.

One team has a single outfield player, the other has two, and both have a goalkeeper.

Several balls should be kept within each goal to keep a ball in play.

Make the goal four yards wide, and create a play area 25 yards by 15 yards.

Encourage both teams to score even though one has a manpower advantage.

When the ball is out of play, start the game at the goal line by the goalkeeper.

Keep score.

Player Objectives

Watch the ball but keep head up to observe opponents and the goal.

Team with two outfield players:

The player in possession has two options – pass the ball or keep it.

Pass to teammate with pace and accuracy, and use teamwork to score.

For the player not in possession, support teammate by being visible.

Team with one outfield player:

Player in possession keeps the ball until the angle to shoot exists, then tries to score.

Manipulate the ball, keeping body between opponents and the ball.

Change pace and direction.