2v2 to goal

2v2 to goal

Objective: To practice and improve wall passes

Set up: Position a goal at each end of a 25×20 yards playing area.

Split your players into two teams (red and blue).

Position half of the red team in a line behind one corner of the field and the other half of the red team in a line behind the other corner of the field, at theƂ same end.

Organise the blue team in the same manner at the other end of the field.

How to play: Select a goalkeeper for each goal and rotate that player every five minutes.

You are positioned at the midfield line, outside the field, with all the balls.

When you kick a ball into the field, the first person in each of the four corner lines enters the field of play.

The game becomes a 2v2 + keepers activity.

Play continues until the ball goes out of play or a goal is scored.

When this happens, the players on the field quickly get back into their original lines, keepers stay on, and you kick the next ball in for the next four players.

When all the balls have been served, the players can retrieve them and dribble them back to you for another round of games.


The winning team stays on.