4v4 to lines

Objective: to improve passing and receiving, playing “heads up” and communication skills.

4v4 to lines also encourages wall passes (give and go) as well as spotting team mates who are making a move into a space where they can receive a “killer” pass.

Experience: intermediate upwards. This game is probably not suitable for most players less than 10 years old.

Set-up: set up rectangular playing areas marked with lines or flat cones suitable for the age and ability of your players.

The younger and less experienced the players, the bigger the space needs to be. That may sound a bit illogical but the smaller the space, the more pressure you’ll be putting on your players and the harder it will be for them to experience success.

How to play:

Teams of four try to score by getting the ball across a nominated line.

The ball must be stopped on the line or just past it to count.

After a score, the ball is left on the line for the other team.


      • The ball must be passed through a target player before scoring.
      • Award extra points for defence splitting passes, i.e., through a gap between two defenders.
      • After scoring on one end line, the scoring team must attack the opposite line.
      • Split the pitch into horizontal thirds and place two players from each team in the centre third and one from each team in the end thirds. Players cannot move out of their zones.
      • Try splitting the pitch into vertical thirds – left, centre, right

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