5 pass game

5 pass game

Playing ..

Split players into 2 even teams (play 4 vs 4 up to 7 vs 7)

Mark a large grid with cones (approximately 40 yards x 30 yards)

A neutral player is placed at each end of the field.

To score a goal, a team must make 5 or more consecutive passes to teammates and then must make the 6th pass to one of the neutral players without the ball being touched by the opposition.

After 5 consecutive passes are completed, the players from that team may pass to either neutral player to score, no need to alternate between neutral players.

A player (team) does not get credit for a pass if the ball is passed back to the player
from which it came. (But they still keep possession and play continues)

Any time a team is dispossessed of the ball before completing 5 passes, the opposition starts at pass #1.
Once the neutral player receives the pass that counts as the goal he/she must pass
the ball first time (one touch pass) to the same team that scored the goal and that
team begins play again at pass #1.

Coaching Points

Players keep their heads up, know where your teammates are and pass to the open player.

Play quickly

Teammates must support the player receiving the pass

A minimum of 2 players give close support options

A minimum of 1 player gives long support

Thus spreading the defenders and opening the field

Players make runs to open space to receive passes

Make quick (change of speed) runs to get open to receive a pass.

(Don’t be a Johnny Jogger) who always jogs the same speed and is easy to defend.

Competition, Variations & Restrictions:

Play games to 5 and losing team does 5 jumping jacks

Restrict players in the grid to 2 touches … if a player touches the ball 3 times
they lose possession of the ball.

Restrict players to 1 touch soccer.