End play

Why should my players play this game?

This game encourages movement off the ball, decision making and passing to team mates in space.

Can my players play it?

It is suitable for any player who can pass the ball reasonably accurately over a distance of about 10 yards.

Set-up: Split your players into teams of four or five and create a 20-yard square for each pair of teams.

How to play: A player from team A stands on one end line and a player from team B on the opposite end line.

The rest of the players in both teams compete for the ball and try to pass it to their team mate who is on the end line.

If they succeed, they join their team mate on the end line.

The team that gets all its players on the end line first is the winner.

Note: To be counted as successful, a pass must be controlled by the end player.


1. Restrict players to two or three touches of the ball.

2. When a player makes a successful pass to a player on the end line, she nominates a player from the other team to go on their end line. The winning team is now the team that can send all their opponents to the end line.

Coaching notes: This is a deceptively simple game. As it progresses, you will see how your players cope with numbers up situations, how well they communicate and if they can support each other off the ball.

Players on the end lines should be encouraged to move up and down the line, calling for the ball.

If the ball goes out of play the game can be restarted with a kick-in or a throw-in. If there is only one player from team A or B on the pitch, the ball may be dribbled in.

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