Follow that pass!

Objective: To show young players that passing accurately can move the ball around the pitch much quicker than running with it.

Set up: Two squares of cones, one inside the other to create a pathway for a player on each corner to accurately pass the ball to the next corner.

For eight to 10-year-olds, I would create a 15-yard square.

Divide your players into teams of five. One team per playing area.

follow that pass

How to play:

The players’ challenge is to pass the ball accurately around the square pathway quicker than one of the other players who runs around the outside.

The game has P1 passing to P2, who passes to P3, etc. When the first pass is struck, the runner sets off.

Each player takes it turn to be the runner.

Coaching tips:

Make the game competitive by setting up two games (10 players) and seeing which team can complete a set of plays (four sets of passes around the square, four different runners) the quickest.

If the runners beat the ball, ask the players why. Can they pass the ball quicker? What is slowing down their passes? Is it important to decide which foot they receive the ball with and which way their body is facing when they receive it?Â

If the runners continue to beat the ball, slow them down by getting them to run backwards (this can be quite funny!) or tell them to run with a ball at their feet.

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