Hit the channel

This is a good way of practising passing into space and to a moving player. It also requires discipline and concentration from your players if they are to succeed. That said, I’ve seen six year olds perform this soccer drill as well as 16 year olds so with a little patience and encouragement, it is suitable for any age group.

Skill level: Any.

Set up: Two lanes with flat cones three yards apart, three yards wide and 30 yards long.

Split your players into four groups: Place a group of players at the end of each of the channels.

One player has a ball.

How to play:

1. On your signal, the player with the ball starts to run down his channel.

2. At the same time, a player in the group at the other end of the other channel starts to run down their channel, towards the ball carrier.

3. When the player with the ball gets within passing range, they pass across the gap between the channels to the player running towards them and continue their run to the other end of the channel.

4. The player who receives the ball controls it and passes to the player at the front of the group facing them and continues their run, joining the group the ball was passed to.


Develop the drill

1. When the players are comfortable passing across a narrow gap between the channels, increase the size of the gap.

2. Put a curve or zig-zag in the channels.

3. Reduce the number of touches each player is allowed.

Coaching tip: Challenge your players to perform this drill at pace without making any errors for two minutes.