Hold up

Objective: To improve passing, movement off the ball, support play, teamwork and attacking/defending skills.

Age group: U10s to U15s.

Set up: Divide a playing area into thirds with the middle third (15×15 yards) being slightly bigger than the two end thirds (10×15 yards). One mini goal or a target is placed at each end of the area.

Divide your players into two teams of four or five players.

Hold upHow to play:

Play begins with a 4v4 or 5v5 contest in the middle third.

A team must play at least three consecutive passes between them before a player can break out and into the end zone he is attacking.

The player who receives the ball in the attacking third must then hold it up and wait for another team-mate to join him in that zone.

Simultaneously, one defender can join in to try and prevent a goal being scored.

The first team to score X number of goals wins the game.

Coaching note: If your players are struggling to put three passes together, make the central area bigger or reduce the passing requirement to two.

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