Killer ball

Objective: To improve passing accuracy, spatial awareness and fitness.

Age group: U6 upwards.

Number of players: Whole team.

Equipment: One ball per player

Set up: Use the penalty area of a normal sized pitch or mark out a 30×20 yard area with cones. All players are in the playing area. One has a ball. The rest of the balls are lined up just outside the playing area.

How to play: All players jog around inside the area.

The player with the ball is a ‘hunter’ and he attempts to hit one of the other players below the waist with a killer ball.

(Note: do not allow the hunter to aim above the other players’ waists. A firm side-foot pass is what you are looking for.)

If a player is hit, he collects a ball from the side of the playing area and becomes a hunter. The winner is the last player to get hit by a ball.

Key football coaching points:

  • “Hunted” players are not allowed out of the penalty area.
  • A player who is a hunter must retrieve his own ball if it goes out of the playing area.
  • Hunters can pass to each other.
  • Encourage accuracy not power.
  • Encourage hunters to work as a team, to hunt in packs.
  • Encourage thought processes and tactics.