Line passing

Coaching objective: to improve passing and receiving skills, communication and decision making.

Experience: U9 upwards.

Set-up: split your players up into equal teams of four, five or six.

Two teams per 40 yards long by 30 yards wide area, marked out with flat cones.

How to play: the teams spread out, a ball is given to one team and the game begins with a free pass, i.e. it cannot be intercepted.

The objective for the team in possession is to keep the ball away from the other team and get a point by passing it to a player who can stop the ball on (or within a few inches of) one of the side or end lines.

The ball cannot be dribbled to a line, it must be passed.

A team that “scores” keeps possession and tries to score on a different line.


Points can only be scored on the two end lines (not the sidelines).

Restrict the number of touches.

Make the pitch bigger or smaller to decrease/increase the pressure on the players to make quick decisions.