Magic boxes

Age range: U6s to U10s.

Number of players: Eight or 10, divided into two teams.

Set-up: For U6s to U7s, create a 20×15 yard playing area with a goal at each end (used in “progression”). Older children can be given a larger area to play in.

Mark out a 5×5 “magic box” about two yards in front of each goal.

How to play: One player from each team (the magician) goes into the magic box.

The rest of the players try to pass the ball to their team’s magician.
One point is awarded for each successful pass.

Note: A “successful” pass is one that is controlled by the magician within the magic box.

Magicians who earn a point for their team return the ball to a player on the other team.
The first team to earn five points wins.
Change the magician regularly.


Only the magician is allowed in the magic box.

Magicians cannot be tackled.

Progression: The magician can score an extra point for their team if they can score a goal without leaving their box.