Objectives: Passing, Control, Silly and Fun

Verdict: a fun football coaching game that helps improve passing in tight situations.


Set up:
Randomly place cones throughout a defined area; I use the Penalty Area. Cones should be rather close together, 3 yards apart on average and no set pattern, but make sure that there are no clearly defined lanes, end to end. Divide players into two teams. Have each team line up in pairs, the two teams will be at one of the defined area’s end lines.

The object of each pair of players is to pass to his teammate through the cones without the ball or a player’s foot touching a cone. (I tell the players that it is a mine field and that the cones are land mines.) Do not allow players to dribble but only to make passes.

Begin by allowing the first pair from each team to go. Once a pair of players reach the far end line, the next pair from their team can go. If a ball or a player’s foot touches a cone (land mine), that pair has to go back to the starting line and begin again. First team to successfully get all of their players across the mine field wins.

To deal with odd numbers of players or pairs, make one or more players or pairs go twice as needed.