Pass through the gate

Through the gate

Mark out an area approximately 15 yards by 10 yards with a goal three yards wide in the middle.

Game Rules

Each player remains behind his own line.

A shot can be played with the inside or outside of the foot through the goal.

The receiving player controls the ball behind his line and tries to pass the ball through the goal (if by lack of control the ball rebounds into the goal, it does not count).

As the players improve, increase the length of the area of decrease the size of the goal.

Limit the touches to three or, as players improve, to two.

Play the game for five minutes and have the players keep score.

Player Objectives

To control the ball and set up the pass.

To achieve pace and accuracy of passes.


Two players stand in the grids on each side of the goal. The ball is passed through the gate after both players have touched it.


  • Both players must touch the ball and the ball must not stop. If the ball does stop or the ball is passed without both players touching it a point is awarded to the other team. Begin by allowing two touches, then one touch.
  • Left foot only
  • Right foot only
  • First pair to score ten points wins.