Pressure passing

Set up a circle of cones about 10m in diameter (you can use the centre circle).

One player stands in the middle, the rest space themselves out equally around the edge of the circle. The player in the middle receives the ball from a player on the edge, controls it, turns and passes to another player. As soon as he or she passes the ball out, a second ball is played in from the edge of the circle. As soon as this ball is passed out to a player on the edge of the circle the first ball is played in again and so on.

The central player has to run quickly backwards and forwards to provide passes to the rest of the circle.

Swap players after one minute.

Stress the importance of good, crisp and accurate passing. Insist the central player gets their head up and looks at the target.

Vary the game by only allowing two touches, then one touch.

Played properly, this is an intensive and fun football workout.