Quick decisions

This is a deceptively simply game. It’s easy to set up and easy for players to understand but it presents many problems to solve and requires good ball control skills. For that reason, it is not suitable for very young players.

Objective: To improve decision making and accuracy of passing.

Age range: U9s to U15s.

Set-up: Divide your players into groups of four.

Create a 10-yard square (marked with a cone in each corner) for each group.

Two balls per group.

How to play: Three players in each group (the attackers) try to keep both of their balls away from the fourth player (the defender) who is identified with a training vest or by holding a cone.

  • All players can move anywhere within the playing area.
  • The defender wins the game if he can tag a player with a ball. He does not have to tackle.
  • The attackers win if they can make 10 passes before being caught in possession.

Coaching notes: If the attackers find the game difficult, increase the size of the playing area. If they find it too easy, make the area smaller.

Encourage attackers to play in a triangle shape and use the full width and length of the playing area.

Progression: Restrict the number of touches the attackers are allowed.

Variation: Place a goal and a goalkeeper about 20 yards from the playing area. If the defender forces the attackers to lose control and allow either ball to leave the playing area, they receive another ball from you and try to score in the goal.

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