Receiving – fault finding and rectification

It is so important that all your players can receive a pass properly you really need to spend a few minutes in every practice session watching how they do it and giving feedback to individual players or the group as whole.

  1. Receive on one foot pass with the other.

Is the player alert and playing on their toes, do they look ready to react to the movement of the ball?

Does the player move into the line of the ball early? Any delay in reacting will make control more difficult.

They should get themselves right across the line of the ball and not end up chasing after it.

Concentration is vital, do they keep their head steady and watch the movement of the ball carefully?

If the pass is under-hit do they move quickly down the line of the ball to meet it?

To cushion the ball the foot needs to be off ground and withdrawn at the moment of contact soft ankle.

Check that they use the inside area, or top of outside of the foot to make a controlling touch on ground pass.

Contact should be with the horizontal mid-line of the ball or above to prevent it skipping up on 1st touch.

To wedge the ball sweep across the top of it with the inside or outside of the foot.

With a high ball the player should make an early decision on what surface they will use to control it.

Make sure they keep their eyes open and observe the flight of the ball.

Chest, thigh, instep & outside of foot – relax and withdraw surface on contact to cushion the ball.

The ball should not be allowed to bounce, move along line of ball to meet it as early as possible.

If under pressure does the player redirect ball into space on first touch and pass it on early?