Short passing

Objectives: to improve short passing, team shape, support play and communication.

Experience: intermediate.

Warm-up: players in groups of five or six in a 15-yard square playing area are numbered one to five/six. They pass a ball to each other in numerical order and follow their pass. The receivers need to control and move the ball on before the player who passed to them arrives to take over their spot in the playing area.

Coaching points:

Check that your players:

  • Place their non-kicking foot next to the ball, pointing in the direction they want the ball to go.
  • Strike through the middle of the ball.
  • Keep their head over the ball.
  • Open up to receive the pass and that their first touch is in the direction they intend to pass the ball.

Game set-up:

Create an area 50 yards long by 20 yards wide with a centre line.

Place two teams of five or six in each playing area, one team in each half.

How to play:

One team starts with the ball. The other team sends two players into the opposite half to try and steal the ball and pass it back to their team mates.

If they succeed, the two “stealers” rejoin their team.

The team that lost the ball now sends two of its best “stealers” into the other half of the playing area to try to win the ball back.

Each team gets a point for every five consecutive passes they can make before they lose possession of the ball or it goes out of bounds.