Small goal passing game

Two players stand either side of a small goal made with flat cones or poles.

Each player has one touch and must touch the ball once. The ball must pass through the small goal on the ground. Once the ball goes through the goal the opponents must play the ball back through the goal on the ground.

Each player gets one touch and must touch the ball. A team scores when their opponent misses the goal, they play the ball back directly, a player uses two touches or the ball stops in their opponents half of the field. Both teams must stay in their own half.

There are several soccer problems that the players have to solve.

  • What angle and distance should the second player be at to receive the first pass?
  • Where should the defending team play in anticipating the ball?
  • What is the best through pass when the opponents are deep? Close?

The soccer problems are elementary, passing, receiving, communicating and reading simple situations.