Snatch squad

This is a simple version of keepaway that is suitable for players who are able to pass the ball confidently over short distances.

Objective: To improve passing and communication skills.

Set up: Divide your players into two teams and create two playing areas next to each other, one for each team.

Each player has a number.

How to play: Each team passes the ball to each other in their playing area. After a few seconds, you call out a number.

The player with that number runs into the other team’s area and has 20 seconds to try to gain control of the ball.

They can either kick it into touch (for one point) or take it back to their own area (for three points).

The first team to X number of points wins.


1. Each team has two balls to protect.

2. Two players try to snatch the ball from the other team (call two numbers).

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