Soccer baseball

Set-up: Mark out a diamond shaped playing area as shown below.

soccer baseball

  • Mark the points of the diamond with poles placed about 15 yards apart.
  • Enclose one end of the diamond in a 5×5 yard square of cones. This is the batting square.
  • Mark another 5×5 square in the centre of the diamond. This is the “pitcher’s mound”.
  • Split your squad into two teams – batters and fielders.
  • The fielders spread out around the playing area.
  • You are the pitcher.

How to play

The batting team’s players take it in turns to enter the batting square.

You roll a ball into the square.

The batter must kick the ball as it enters the batting square, first time, as far as he/she can and immediately set off around the diamond.

The fielding team collects it and passes the ball to the pitcher (you) as quickly as possible.

Note: Very young children can throw the ball back to the pitcher.

The batter gets a point for his team if he can run right round the diamond before the ball gets back to the pitcher – a home run.

But if a batter is running between the poles when the ball gets back to the pitcher, he/she is out.

Batters are also out if:

a) They miss the ball.

b) Slice their kick so that it goes behind the playing area.

c) If the ball is caught by a fielder.

The innings continues until all the batting side is out or players are stranded in the diamond and there is no one in the batting square to face the next pitch.

Both team have one or two innings.

The team with the most points wins.


1. Set up a goal somewhere in the playing area. If the batter can kick the ball into the goal his/her team gets an extra point.

2. Batters kick the ball with their non-dominant foot.