The three zone game

Objective: To improve passing accuracy, decision making, spotting opportunities.

Age group: U8s to U14s.

Set up: Create a 40×20 yards playing area, dividing into thirds as shown below.

three zone game

Note: The goals at each end are only required for the progression.

Divide your players into three teams of three.

How to play:

The teams on the end try to pass the ball through the centre area to the opposite end without the team in the middle winning the ball.

If the team in the middle wins the ball, it changes places with the end team that played the last pass.

Teams score a point each time they pass a ball through the central area.


  • Play 5v4 using the whole playing area.
  • The central zone is now a “no tackling” area. Encourage the defending team to drop back behind the ball and regroup as soon as its opponents enter the central zone.

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