Weight and direction of passes

Objective: to improve weight and direction of passes.

Age group: U7s and upwards.


  • Divide your players into teams of four or five.
  • Create two open-ended “bags” for each team with semi-circles of cones that are six yards wide and about 10 yards apart.
  • One of each team’s bags is empty. The other contains six balls.
  • The teams stand behind their empty bag.

How to play: on your command, the first player in each team runs to their bag of six balls, collects one and tries to pass it into their empty bag.

If the ball misses the bag it is out of the game.

Once the first player has tried to pass all six balls into the bag, the second player in the team repeats the exercise in the opposite direction, but only using the balls that the first player managed to get into the bag.

When every player has had a turn, the team with the most balls in their bag wins.


1. If a player misses, they must collect the ball, bring it back and try again.

2. Pass with alternate feet: left/right.

Tip: make the game easier for younger players by making the bags bigger and deeper.

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