2v2 War

Objective: To improve dribbling, passing, receiving, decision making and shooting.

Age range: U7s to U12s.

Number of players: Whole squad.

Set-up: Make a 30×20 yards playing area with a goal at both ends.

Divide your players into two teams. For example, team X and team Y.

In the younger age groups, goalkeepers are optional.

Team X is placed at one end of the playing area and each team is split into two groups. Each group stands at one corner of the pitch.

2v2 war

How to play:

  • You stand on one side of the playing area with a supply of balls.
  • Serve a ball into the playing area.
  • The first player from each of the four lines comes out and play a 2v2.
  • Play continues until a goal is scored or the ball goes out of bounds.
  • When this happens, all players leave the field and you serve another ball.
  • Four new players enter the field for a 2v2 match.
  • The game continues until you run out of balls.
  • The team that score the most goals is the winner.


1. Create an overload situation – when the ball is put into play by the coach, three players from one team play against two players from the other team. The team with two players is awarded two “goals” for every goal it scores.

2. Play with four goals – one at each corner of the playing area.

Coaching notes

Encourage players to:

  • Move to a supporting position immediately after passing the ball.
  • Take opportunities to dribble and shoot.
  • Use the whole width of the playing area (especially in the four-goal variation).

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