Break out

Objective: To improve passing, receiving and shooting skills.

Age range: U9s to U13s.

Set up: Create a 30×20 yards playing area with a 10-yard box at one end and a goal at the other, as shown below.

Divide your players into two teams of four plus a keeper.

break out

How to play:

One team works in the box, passing the ball between themselves and attempting to keep possession from a single pressing player from the other team.

If the pressing players win possession or force the passing team to kick the ball out of the box, they break out of the box, receive a pass from you and shoot at goal.

If the passing team manages to make 10 consecutive passes, the pressing player leaves the box and another player enters.

The pressing team gets a point for every goal it scores, the passing team gets a point for every set of 10 passes.

Each pressing player has two turns in the box then switch the teams around.

Progression: Allow the passing team to send one player to chase any pressing players that are about to shoot at goal.

Replace the box with another goal and play a small-sided game (SSG) where a ‘goal’ is awarded for 10 consecutive passes.