Four corner shooting game


To improve shooting, goalkeeping and aggressiveness.

Age group:

U6s upwards.

Number of players:

Whole squad divided into two teams of four or five (if you have more than ten players, make four teams and play two games).

Set up:

Create a playing area about 25 yards long by 20 yards wide with a goal at each end.

Divide your squad into two teams (red and blue).

One player from each team becomes the goalkeeper. The rest of the red team wait at their end of the playing area, half at one corner and half at the other.

Arrange the blue team in the same way at the other end.

You stand on the half-way line with a supply of footballs.

How to play:

When you kick a ball into the playing area, the first person at each corner of the field runs in, tries to win the ball and score.

This creates a 2v2 situation.

Play continues until the ball goes out of play or a goal is scored.

When this happens the players on the field quickly get back into their original lines, keepers stay on, and the coach kicks the next ball in for the next four players.

Make it competitive: play until all the balls have been served or a team gets a certain number of goals.

Key soccer coaching tip:

Don’t keep players waiting in lines for too long. If you have more than eight or ten players, consider setting up two games and asking an assistant to run one of the games.