Goal wars

Objective: to improve dribbling and shooting skills

Age group: U5 upwards.

Number of players:Whole team.

Set up: You need a minimum of one ball per child and preferably more.

Place two goals next to each other on the same line, about five yards apart.

Place a cone (or an adult/coach) about 15 yards in front of the goals, and centered between them.

Place half your footballs next to goal A and half next to goal B (making sure there is at least one ball per child).

How to play: Divide your players into two teams and have each team line up next to a goal each.

Players dribble a football round the cone, then shoot at the opposite goal (for instance, team A shoot at goal B and vice versa).

After several minutes, the whistle blows, and the team with the most balls in “their” goal wins.

Key soccer coaching tips: This game improves ball control and encourages players to keep their heads up while dribbling.

Youngsters will figure out they can score more quickly if they start with a couple of big kicks that get them to the cone, then use more control to approach the goal and take a shot at the goal.”