Half volleys

Half volleyMinutes: 5-15 Players: 5-8 Ages: 10-99


Use half-volleys to work on proper shooting technique and shooting power.



Place a cone near the top of the penalty box, have players form a line with a football each at the cone, and have the coach in the goal to retrieve balls.


1. With the ball in his hands the first player in line takes 4-5 jogging steps, drops the ball to the ground, and hits a low, powerful half-volley shot into the goal. The half-volley, or drop-kick, is hit as the ball is rising from the bounce. Do not hit the ball on the way down!
2. If the player misses the goal he must retrieve the ball and get back in line.
3. If the ball goes in the goal the coach will retrieve the ball and toss to the player. The coach is not in goal to block shots.
4. Next player performs a half-volley.


1. Emphasize the shots should be hit low and with power. If either description is lacking then the shooting technique was probably flawed.