Hit the cone!

Hit the cone

Game Rules

  • Make the goal one cone placed inside an area with a radius of approximately six yards.
  • The circumference can be marked out with frisbees, bibs or flat cones.
  • The team in dark uniforms plays against the team in white.
  • A goal is scored when the ball is played from outside the area to knock over the cone.
  • All players are allowed to run through the circle but no player is allowed to touch the ball in the circle.
  • If any player touches the ball in the area, the opposing team has a free shot at the “goal” from the edge of the circle.
  • Keep score.

Player Objectives

Player in possession:

  • To keep an eye on the ball and keep the head up to observe teammates, opponents and the goal.
  • To maintain possession of the ball by keeping one’s body between the ball and opponent.
  • To change direction, by turning with the ball, and to change pace.
  • To pass to teammates and choose which teammate is the better option.
  • To achieve pace and accuracy of pass.

Players not in possession:

  • To support the player with the ball.
  • To know where and when to run.
  • To know not to make the same run as other supporting players, or to crowd the player in possession of the ball.


The game should be no longer than three minutes before allowing players to rest.

With a group of 12, six play and six rest.