Hit the goal!

Objective: To improve passing and shooting skills.

Age range: U5s to U9s.

Number of players: Whole squad divided into teams of four or five.

Set up: Mark out a 20-yard square with flat cones.

Place five or six balls on top of the cones on two sides of the playing area. These are the targets.

How to play:

  • Roll a ball into the playing area.
  • The players compete for possession of the ball and try to hit the target balls off the cones.
  • When all the balls are knocked off, the team that hit the most is the winner.

Tip: Keep the game going by having several spare balls handy and putting another ball when the first ball leaves the playing area.

Coaching points:

Don’t have too many players in one playing area, they won’t get enough touches on the ball. So if you have enough players to make four teams, mark out two playing areas and play two games.

Encourage accuracy.

Praise players who take careful, side-foot ‘shots’.

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