Lay off and shoot

Lay off and shootPurpose: To develop varied shooting techniques while on the run

Procedure: The squad is organised into two small groups, one of which act as ball retrievers, while the other group practice. The drill takes place in the penalty box area where a goalkeeper defends the goal. One player stands in the ‘D’; the other players, each with a ball, stand in a file facing him, approximately 20 yards away. The first player in line passes the ball to the feet of the player in the ‘D’, who proceeds to ‘lay’ it off for the former to shoot at goal. The ‘lay off’ player then goes to either cone A or cone B to collect a ball from the retrievers before returning down the side to join the file and await his turn. The player who has just shot at goal becomes the next lay-off’ player and faces the second oncoming player. In this way, each player shoots, and acts as the wall-player.

Development: (a) Each group is timed for a set period and the scores tallied up. (b) The coach can impose certain conditions, such as shooting with the weaker foot, or volleys from the ‘lay0off’ player flicking the ball up for another player to hit at goal, or long range shots. Record the number of goals scored in a given time period.