Non stop shooting

Objective: To practise shooting skills.

Age range: U8s and upwards.

Difficulty: Easy.

Equipment: Four small goals, cones, balls.


  • Divide your players into groups of five.
  • Create a 40-yard square with a five-yard square in the middle.
  • Use one playing area for each group.
  • Place small goals on the side and end lines.
  • Put several balls in the central square.

How to play: One player starts in the middle, the other four players (the defenders) start in front of the goals.

The player that starts in the middle collects a ball from the centre of the playing area and attacks a goal of his choice.

If the player scores, he races to retrieve another ball from the middle of the playing area and attacks another goal.

However, if the defender stops the attacker from scoring, their roles are reversed. The shooter goes in goal, the defender grabs a ball from the centre and attacks a goal.

What to say:

“Stay on your feet and win the ball”

“Defend well and you get the chance to attack”

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