Quick! Shoot!

Objective: To improve shooting skills and fitness.

Age group: U8 upwards.

Number of players: Whole team.

Equipment: Flat cones to mark the playing area, a normal sized goal (or poles), a dozen balls.

Set up: Mark out a playing area about 40 yards long x 20 yards wide. Place a goal on one end line. A marker cone is placed about 15 yards from the centre of the goal for seven year olds, further out for older players. I suggest you put it about 25 yards away from the goal for eleven year olds.

How to play: Divide your players into two teams. Team A stands on the end line about 5 yards away from the left goalpost. Team B stands 5 yards away from the right goalpost.

You stand on the edge of the playing area with about a dozen footballs.

On your signal, the first player in team A runs to the marker cone. At the same time, the first player in team B runs round the left goalpost and becomes the ‘keeper. As the A team player rounds the marker cone, you play a ball into the playing area.

You decide if the player in team A has one touch or more to control the ball and shoot. This will depend on the age of your players and whereabouts in the playing area you serve the ball.

As soon as the first player in team A shoots, the second players in both teams start their runs.

If the shot goes in or is saved, the goalie returns the ball to the coach. If the shot misses the goal the player who missed has to get the ball back to the coach.

Team A has to score as many goals as possible in a given time or until you run out of balls to serve

Team B becomes the shooters when time is up or you run out of balls to serve.

This is a very competitive and popular way to improve your players’ shooting skills!