Rapid fire

This soccer game is a very simple but very effective way for your players to practise their shooting and goalkeeping skills.

You can play the game with as few as six and as many as 16 players. All you need is a supply of balls (one for each player) and a couple of goals to shoot at.

Objective: Teams try to score as many goals as they can in two minutes.

Age range: Six to 16.

Set-up: Place a goal at both ends of a playing area 40 yards long by 20 yards wide.

  • Mark the centre of the playing area with a cone.
  • Place another cone 10 yards away from the centre of each goal.
  • Split your players into two teams and allocate them a goal each.
  • One player from team A goes in team B’s goal and a player from team B goes in team A’s goal.
  • Each outfield player has a ball.

How to play

  • On your command “Go!”, the first player from each team dribbles to the centre cone, turns and runs back towards their goal.
  • They must take a shot no closer than the 10-yard cone.
  • As soon as the first player shoots, the next player goes.
  • If the goalkeeper saves, he returns the ball to the player who shot. If the player misses or scores, he retrieves his ball and goes back to his team.
  • At the end of two minutes, the team that scored the most goals wins.

Coaching points

Encourage players to aim for the corners of the goals rather than just blasting the ball straight at the goalkeeper.


Players shoot with their “wrong” foot.

Move the 10-yard cone to the side of the goal to practise shooting/saving angled shots.

Teams leave their balls by the goal and move to the centre cone except one player who stays next to the goal and passes a ball out to each shooter.

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