Run, pass and shoot!

Run, pass and shoot

Summary: a fast, competitive and fun way to practice passing, receiving and shooting.

Age group: suitable for all ages.

Playing ..

Split players into 2 even teams … give each team a name…and set up 2 small, coned goals and 1 cone 10-12 yards away from the goal.

Set up a line of cones 5-10 yards to the side of each goal (the older the players, the further the distance)

Line up teams next to a goal, each player with a ball and each team positions a player outside the line of cones.

When the coach blows the whistle, the first player from each line dribbles to and around their cone and then passes the ball to his/her teammate who then returns the pass to his/her teammate for a shot on goal.

The first player to shoot the ball into the net gets a point for his/her team.

Play until one of the players scores a goal, so if both players miss the net, they chase down their ball and try to kick the ball into the net first. (Players should not give up until a goal is scored.)

Weak passes from the dribbling player must be dribbled by his/her sideline teammate behind the line of cones and then passed to his/her teammate for an easy shot on goal. (Passes must be made behind the line of cones to penalize weak passes from the dribbling player).

Coaching Points

  • Players should dribble at speed toward the cone keeping close control of the ball.
  • Return pass should be targeted in front of oncoming teammates for an easy shot on goal.
  • Oncoming players should quickly shoot after receiving the return pass.
  • Coaches must keep the lines moving so after a players has scored, blow the whistle to start the next 2 players.
  • If there are a lot of players, split them into 3 groups.
  • Encourage cheering for teammates.

Competition, Variations & Restrictions:

Play games to 7, losing team does 5 jumping jacks.

Move the line of cones further away from the goal as the players become better passers.

Restrict the side players to one touch soccer.