Shooting under pressure

Objective: To improve your players’ ability to shoot quickly under pressure.

Age group: U7s and upwards.

Number of players: Four to 10.

Set-up: Create a 40 yards long by 30 yards wide playing area with a goal on one end line.

Divide your players into teams and pair them up.

Put a neutral player, an assistant coach or a parent in goal.

How to play: The first players in each team stand together on one side of the goal with their backs to the playing area.

You stand between them facing the playing area.

You serve a ball over their heads and they turn, compete for possession then try to score.

They play until the ball is dead – a goal is scored or the ball leaves the playing area or a shot is saved.

After each round, make sure everybody has a new opponent.

Tip: Make it competitive – award a point for a shot on target and two points for a goal.

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