Three big goals

As any top striker will tell you, scoring goals successfully requires a bit more than just good kicking technique.

Many young football players lack confidence in their own ability and need to be actively encouraged to ‘pull the trigger’ when they are within range of the goal.

They also need to be reassured that it doesn’t matter if they miss the target, and that a miss is better than no shot at all.

You can do this by playing the Three BIG Goals soccer coaching game. It is a fast paced and exciting game that football (soccer) players of all ages will enjoy!


To encourage shots on goal.

Age group:

U7 upwards.

Set up:

Create a circular playing area about 40 yards across. Position three big goals (15 yards wide) at equal intervals around the circumference of the circle. Divide your football squad into three teams.

How to play:

The three teams play football in the circle. Teams do not have a goal to defend and can score in any goal. Play the first team to score five goals wins the game – this encourages quick, positive shooting.

If you want to reward efforts on goal, play first to 10 and award a point for a shot and two for a goal.