“Thunderball” is a great game for getting children to run at speed and shoot at a target. It’s ideal to use as a warm-up to a session on shooting/passing or as a stand-alone game.

Age group: Five to Eight-year-olds.

Number of players: Whole squad.

Equipment required: Four or five conical (traffic) cones, one ball and a marker cone for each player.

ThunderballSet-up: Four or five conical cones are placed in the centre of the playing area as targets.

Divide your players into two or more teams.

Place a cone/marker for each player in a circle around the targets.

Make sure that the marker cones are placed close enough to the target cones so that your players can be expected to hit them but not so close that the game is too easy.

How to play

On your command, all the players leave their balls at the cone and race around the playing area and back to their own cone.

Tip: Before you start, tell your players which way to run round the circle.

When they get back to their cone, they try to knock down a target with a pass/shot.

Award the teams five points for each target they knock down. The first team to score 20 points is the winner.


  • Run the other way round the circle.
  • One team runs clockwise, the other anticlockwise.
  • Run with the ball round the circle.
  • Shoot/pass with your weaker foot.

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