4v4, no keepers

Objective: improve players’ decision-making skills, passing, receiving and dribbling.

Set up

Use a grid marked out with flat cones with a small goal in each corner.

The size of the playing area depends on the age and ability of your players. Can vary from 30 yd x 20 yd up to 40 yd x 25 yd.

Generally, the younger or less able the player, the bigger the playing area should be.

How to play

The players play soccer with no goalkeepers. They score in one of two ways: dribbling the ball into one of the goals or by stopping the ball on the end line betwen the goals they are attacking.

You can award one point for a traditional goal and two for a controlled stop on the end line or vice versa.

Coaching points

Players need to get their heads up and see the ‘big picture’. They need to pass, move and make decisions quickly to take advantage of the unguarded goals.