This game is a small-sided game (SSG) that improves teamwork, speed of transition and concentration.

Age group: U5s and upwards.

Number of players: 12 (but can be easily adjusted for different numbers).

Difficulty: Easy.

Set-up: Use a 30×20-yard playing area with a goal at each end.

Divide your players into four teams of three.

How to play: Two teams play 3v3. The other two teams go to the goals where they link arms or hold hands on the goal line.

The teams on the pitch attempt to score past the human chains who try to stop shots with their bodies.

After a couple of minutes play, shout “Charge!”

This is the signal for the teams that are playing to leave the ball where it is and take the place of the human chains in the goalmouths, who unlink arms and Charge onto the pitch!

Scoring: Goals and saves are each worth one point. The first team to 10 points wins the game.

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