End Zone game

End Zone game

Objectives: to improve passing, receiving, communication and team work

This 4 v.4 game is free flowing and gives players a lot of problems to solve. It is a good game to use towards the end of the session as it is very close to the ‘real’ thing.

One particularly good thing about this game is that since teams end up attacking in two different directions it forces players to play in different positions. They are at the back of the team when their team attacks one end-zone, while they will find themselves at the top of the team when they attack in the other direction. This is great for their development.


  • Set up the field as shown with a seven yard ‘End-Zone‘ at each end.
  • Score a goal by getting the ball from one ‘End-Zone‘ to the other by passing or dribbling.
  • Once a goal is scored, immediately attack going in the other direction. Do not give the ball to the other team. The ‘End-Zones‘ are free, only the attacking team can enter these areas.

This game also encourages players to “SPREAD OUT” and work together, which, players are starting to be able to do at this age. At first, players will be tempted to just kick the ball up the field instead of passing. With patience, and demonstration of what is possible, this game could have a dramatic impact on their ability to play attractive, skilful soccer.