Guard the castle!

guard the castleDrill Objective:

This drill is a great small sided soccer game that focuses on passing in numbers up situations. This is a fun drill and the kids will love it!

Drill Setup:

Set up a grid that is 12 X 12 yards. Organize the team into groups of four. One of the four players should wear an alternate jersey and be the designated defender (guarder of the castle). Take a ball and place it on the top of a disc cone in the middle of the grid, this will become the “castle”. If you do not have disc cones, a tall cone will work just as good.

It will be up to the 3 attackers to pass the ball around the defender in the grid in attempt to knock down the castle with a pass. The castle is considered knocked down when the ball is knocked off the cone or the tall cone is knocked down with a pass.

Drill Coaching Points:

  • Instruct players to get their heads up to find the pass.
  • Make sure the players are passing the ball with proper weight on the ball.
  • Make sure players are moving about the grid in order to find open space. Make sure players know it is ok to dribble the ball to space or beat the defender before making the pass.
  • Make sure players are making the easiest decisions when passing.

Drill Variations

  • Depending on the age level and skill of the players, you can remove the 12 x 12 grid limitations, or make the grid smaller for very skilled players.
  • If players are standing next to the cone, you can build a 3×3 grid and not allow players to step into that small grid.
  • Require players to complete a certain number of passes before they are allowed to knock down the castle.
  • Play 1v1 and focus on dribbling skills.