This is a small-sided game that will improve your players’ communication and attacking skills as well as their passing and receiving technique.

Age group: U8s to U14s.

Number of players: Ten.

Equipment required: Training vests, cones, two goals and a ball.

Set-up: The goals are set up at each end of a 30×20 yards playing area.

Divide your players into two teams of five – four outfield players plus goalkeepers.

One outfield player from each team waits on the end line next to the goal her team is attacking. These are the target players.

How to play: Before a goal can be scored, the attacking team must play the ball to their target player. He or she plays the ball back and the shot must be taken immediately.

If possession is lost or a shot cannot be taken immediately, another successful pass to the target player is required before the attacking team can score.

Play for five minutes then change the target player and goalkeeper.


  • Limit the number of touches the target player is allowed.
  • The player who passes to a target player swaps places with her.
  • The target players come off the end lines and continue their role in the field of play (harder).
  • Both teams play 2v2 plus two target players, one on the end line and one in the field of play (easier).

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