Through the tunnel

This game was sent in by Chris Hulme of Whetstone Juniors FC

Objective: To improve passing, tackling and communication skills.

Age range: U7s to U10s.

Number of players: Eight.

Set-up: Create a 10×4 yard “tunnel” as shown below.

Through the tunnel

Divide your eight players into a team of six attackers (the Xs) and a team of two defenders (the Ds).

How to play:

Five attackers stand diagonally opposite to each other outside the tunnel while the sixth attacker enters the tunnel with the ball.

The sixth attacker tries to get a point for his team by getting past the two defenders and out of the other end of the tunnel.

He can pass to any of the five outside players and they either return the ball directly to him or they can pass to another outside player first.

The two defenders work together to try to stop the attacker getting through the tunnel. If they can win the ball and can pass it to you (who is standing just outside the playing area), they earn two points. If they can kick it out, they earn one point.

Each attacker takes a turn in the tunnel then add the points up.

Congratulate the winning team then play the game again with two new defenders.

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