You’re outa here!

Outa here

This is a small sided football coaching game that can be varied from 1v1 to 4v1. It is fast paced and requires good dribbling, passing, shooting skills and teamwork.

Cone off a small rectangular area just a little smaller than the penalty box. Divide the players evenly into 2 teams of about 4 to 6 players.

Start with a player from each team in the area, toss the ball in and have them play 1v1 until one player scores or the ball goes out of bounds. Each score is worth one point and you play to 10 or 15.

Here is the twist. When one player scores not only do they get one point but they also get a teammate to join them in the next scrimmage thus making it a 2v1. If they score again that time they get another point and another teammate to go 3v1 the next time. This continues until they succeed at a 4v1. Then you start over at 1v1 again.

Change the lone defender each time the other team scores with a new player.

Yes, the defender is at a progressive disadvantage as the other team scores because they get an additional player, but remember all that defending player has to do is kick the ball out of bounds (clear the ball) and all the players leave the area to start over at 1v1.

It will amaze you how many times the team with 3 or 4 players will waste their numerical advantage by not passing well, or fumbling the ball out of bounds. They might not talk to each other and sometimes a “ballhog” may lose it to the lone defender while all the others watch. Furthermore, it is refreshing to see the outnumbered lone defender “rise” to the occasion, stop the “odd-man” rush, and clear the ball thus returning the game to 1v1. The team with numbers will have to learn to pass quickly with 1 or 2 touches or “THEY’RE OUTTA HERE!

There is lots the coach can impart in a drill like this especially emphasizing 2 touch passing, teamwork and patience.

If you really want to emphasize the passing game, make it a requirement that each player touches the ball before they can shoot and score. They will learn to work it around the area with square passes and trail passes before they work it in for a shot.

The only real disadvantage to this game is that your kids will want to play it all the time!