Attacking corner kicks

Attacking corner kicks


  • To develop accurate shooting with both feet, and to gain a simple understanding of corner kicks for players 6 – 8 years old.

Organization (see above diagram)

  • Place balls in corners of playing area.
  • Coach rolls ball by foot or by hand.
  • Coach shouts “Go!” and player at first cone must go around second cone.
  • Shooting player retrieves own shot then returns to end of line.
  • This increases the activity level and also encourages the shooter not to kick the ball too far, but rather concentrate on the accuracy.
  • No goalkeeper, so players practice accurate kicking.
  • Change players and cones to opposite side.
  • Children leave their ball with the coach on the way back.
  • With a large group split into two (with Assistant Coach) and have one group at one end and one at the other.

Teaching Points

  • As players become better, narrow the goal or deliver quicker passes.
  • Point out that most shots in illustration will be taken with the left foot.
  • Total concentration: head down, eyes on the ball.
  • Encourage accuracy rather than power shooting.
  • Use inside of foot – like a hockey stick.
  • Encourage players to strive to become “two-footed.”


  • To record the number of the team’s scoring attempts that succeed in 20 shots, and keep score at each practice.