Attacking corners

When your team has a corner it should result in a goal scoring opportunity. But very often it can result in frustration instead as a great ball comes flying in across the box and everyone ducks or swings and misses.

If your team find it hard to connect with a traditional corner kick why not try this simple tactic.

Have a player stand on the corner of the 18-yard box. He should be a player who can just appear in that position without the opposition picking him up, but often he will be left unmarked anyway because he doesn’t look as though he is threatening the goal.

But, he is threatening the goal. He should be ready for a quick pass from the corner-taker. He can then open himself up so he is facing the goal and play the ball left, right or even shoot.

This soccer tactic also gives your team more options when the penalty area is crowded as a simple pass out to a player on the edge of the box will pull the defenders out and create space for a pass across the box to an attacker who now has a clear sight of goal.