Corner kick game

This is a good transition game. I stole it from the 1994 Vol. 2, #12 issue of Soccer Coaching. The article was by Roby Stahl.

The game is played on a half field with 2 goals and goalkeepers. Two teams of 8 divide up into groups of four. A large number of balls are split up to the four corners. The game is 4v4 with the remaining 4 players from each team positioned at the corners of their team’s attacking goal. Each game lasts 4 minutes and the “corner” players exchange positions with the field players.

Every time the ball goes out of play, the team that just gained possession is awarded a corner kick at their attacking goal. That means they must sprint to their penalty area and try to execute a quick corner-kick before the defending team reacts. If the GK gets the ball, he is to distribute as quick as possible, hoping to find a breakaway situation.

There is no off-side. We started play with a GK distribution. After a score, we transitioned to the other goal for a corner-kick. Another option would be for the beaten GK to distribute to his teammate to restart play.

Coaching Points:

  • encourage high work rate (sprinting)
  • emphasis on quick, but accurate corner kicks
  • look to recognize first player who opens space for himself
  • make defenders sprint back to their goal after losing the ball out of bounds
  • emphasis on aggression in the box
  • emphasis on quick transitions from defence to offence and offence to defence