Mini soccer

Mini soccer

Soccer objectives: Tactics, Passing, Shooting

Review: Good small sided game that teaches small group tactics.

Setup: A 30 yard long soccer field with two 5-yard goals at each end. There is really no need to mark a width boundary but if you want to make it 20-25 yards.

Procedure: Regular soccer rules apply except for the following:

1. The team on defence must always have one player in goal and the goalkeeper is not allowed to come off the line. Therefore, if a team loses possession a designated player must immediately retreat to the goal.
2. When the defending team wins possession they must pass back to the goalkeeper before attacking.
3. Goals are scored by shooting the football through the goal below the goalkeeper’s shoulders.

This scrimmage teaches just about everything about soccer just by playing – spacing, runs, pressure, transition, etc…

Tips: Have extra balls available to expedite play. Encourage possession of the ball and quick low shots. Spread the attack and use the extra man advantage wisely. Alternate the designated goalkeeper after each goal. Play with uneven teams (5v4 etc).