Movement off the ball

numbers up kee[awayThe players are in a numbers up keepaway exercise.

They are playing in a grid.

The ball is moving, but there still seems to be something wrong with the scene.

Then you realize, the players are all standing in the same area of the grid–there is no player movement.

This is a common occurrence in a numbers up exercise, but you don’t want to have a common team.

By making one adjustment, the coach should see a big difference in the play. Have the passer always move quickly to different space (even if another player is there) after making pass. He can follow the pass or just move to different space. Now the other players who are not receiving the pass need to move to different space to support the football or to make room for the passer to run into. This needs to happen on every pass.

Now your keepaway exercise should be more appealing to the eye and your
team’s ball possession should improve.

“If we do not want a challenge, distort the opponent’s
sense of location.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War